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The impact of Industry 4.0 implementation on supply chains
Author's: Abhijeet Ghadge, Merve Er Kara, Hamid Moraldou, Mohit Goswami
Publication In: Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management

An examination of the role of review valence and review source in varying consumption contexts on purchase decision
Author's: Tata, S. V., Prashar, S., & Gupta, S.
Publication In: Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services

Humanitarian aid delivery decisions in the early recovery phase of disaster using a discrete choice multi-attribute value method
Author's: Jana, R. K., Chandra, C. P. & Tiwari, A. K.
Publication In: Annals of Operations Research

Does International Tourism Spur International Trade and Output? Evidence from Wavelet Analysis
Author's: Kumar, M., Prashar, S., & Jana, R. K.
Publication In: Tourism Economics

A wavelet analysis for exploring the relationship between economic policy uncertainty and tourist footfalls in the USA
Author's: Singh, R., Das, D., Jana, R. K., & Tiwari, A. K.
Publication In: Current Issues in Tourism

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